Shoenique Me has moved!


I’ve upgraded to a brand-spanking new Shoenique over at and will be posting on there from now on. Please do update your Google Readers or bookmarks, or if you’re visiting from a google search then head over to the new Shoenique Me to see updated posts!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Charley xx


New! TOMS Ballet Flats

You’ve all heard of TOMS, right? If not, here’s a small introduction:

That’s what I love to see about a company. It’s not all about profit, being seen on celebrity feet, trends or huge launch parties. TOMS are making a difference through the sales of their shoes, and I don’t mean a difference to the CEO’s bank account.

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Macy’s Goes International

It’s been a long time coming, but finally US megastore Macy’s has brought international shipping to its website from Monday 27th June. Of course, the first thing I had a look at was the shoe section (what else?!) and it brought back fond memories of scouring the floors in my own New York Macy’s adventure back in 2008. Returning to the UK with a single pair of new shoes felt cruel, but now the international shipping will make sure I don’t feel bad about that anymore…
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Charlotte Olympia Spring/Summer Sale

One of my goals in life is to own a pair of Manolos before I’m 30. Last year I added another goal – own a pair of Charlotte Olympias before I’m 30 too (I promise I have other aspirations – they’re for another blog!) She’s one of those designers who never has and never will have a questionable collection – everything she creates is gold.
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Mint Velvet Obsession

I’ve been coveting a particularly gorgeous pair of Mint Velvet wedges for a while now, so it didn’t take me long to get an obsession with the entire collection.

Everything is pretty understated – neutral colours and soft fabrics, very little embellishment – but sometimes that’s all it takes for a pair of shoes to really stand out. Each pair works with casual or dressy outfits too, meaning they’re most likely going to be the pairs you wear to death (and therefore worth the money). They’ve covered all styles as well, from flats and sandals to wedges and knee-length boots. It’s all there, it’s all looking gorgeous and it’s all just begging to be in my wardrobe.
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