Top shoe picks from

If you’ve only just heard about I suggest you get over there pretty smartish, but after reading this post of course! The newest fashion market to hit our laptop screens, comes from Sweden and is quickly becoming my favourite shop to browse. And since this blog is all about the shoes, I’ve been spending a while choosing my top picks from their footwear section …

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Another day, another Kurt Geiger mid-season sale

It’s pretty common knowledge now that I love a good Kurt Geiger sale, whatever time of year it is. I’m not saleist. In fact, most of my best shoes are sale…

And it’s that time of the year again when KG reveal their online discounts. As usual it’s been hard to whittle the selection down to just a few favourites. You know I could ramble on about everything on that wicked, wicked site but there’s not enough hours in the day. Sigh.

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The ASOS Sale – ‘re-boot-ed’

ASOS are brilliant for shoe bargains. Whenever there’s a sale going on over there, I can spend an entire night browsing for treats. So when I got an email with news that the sale had a re-boot with new lines, I went looking for that exact thing…boots.

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4th July Americana

What better way to celebrate the 4th July than with stars and stripes shoes? Searching the web for Americana, you can get dresses, bikinis, shorts, tees, bras and knickers – but there’s a surprising lack of shoes. I spent ages looking and only found a select few. Some were crazy, some were cute and some were plain weird!
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Polka Dot Pretty

I keep going through phases of liking and buying the same colour or style or pattern. It means I’ve pretty much got a little bit of everything, but also means I end up wearing the same thing for a while rather than switching it up often enough. This time it’s polka dots, which is perfect for spring!
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