Honey Bee Wedge by Nanette Lepore

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas…wedge season! It’s not quite warm enough yet for me to break out the wedge collection, so I’m browsing for inspiration instead. I came across these on my internet travels, aren’t they sweet?

They’re called Honey Bee and they remind me of yachts, the blazing sun and white sands. It’s probably because the bows look like sails and the raffia looks like sand, or the fact I haven’t had a day off since Christmas so am absolutely begging for my holiday in April to swoop in and get me some sun!

I love the contrast in the stripes and the fact that there’s no back strap – sometimes that makes a wedge look even nicer (even though you’ll be curling your toes like quavers to keep them on). Bows, stripes and a wedge = heaven.

The sole is a really unusual colour too. From what I can make out it’s a neon yellow shade, which is definitely summery and on-brand for Nanette. They’d look pretty cute with the dress everyone’s been talking about, Varsity. I’m going to have to add these to an already full to the brim wedge wishlist…


What do you think?

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