Marina Liege Wedges by Christian Louboutin

Not normally a huge fan of hot pink, I’m having to say these cute wedges are seriously changing my mind about the bold colour. It’s HOT.

Let’s talk about the gloss first – yay or nay? Patent always seems to remind me of those stiff school shoes you’d have to pinch your feet into, the ones that came with a clip buckle on the side and a stern look on your teacher’s face if they got scuffed. I could be seriously misjudging the real effect of patent leather by always harking back to these kinds of shoe, but to be honest it’s not really putting me off the pink just yet.

I really like the button on the side too. Usually that type of fastening can start to stretch or fall off quickly, which can be disheartening when you’ve not had them for long, so hopefully these are quite sturdy. Maybe Louboutin should think about providing spare buttons in the box, like the usual spare heel tips?

There’s something about a cork wedge that just gets you really excited for summer too. And since these are so pink and bright, you’d have to wear them with a gorgeous sun dress from Topshop, bouquet necklace from Accessorize, and Chanel polish in Coco Blue.


2 comments on “Marina Liege Wedges by Christian Louboutin

  1. Courtney Markos says:

    how do you purchase these?

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