Over to you – Every Shoe Has A Story

Almost every shoe I own has its own little back story. It’s not always about picking the pretty ones from the shelf and charging them to a credit card. Some of them I bought on a great day out, some were a gift from someone special, and some marked specific moments in my life.

I want you to tell me your shoenique story – one pair of shoes that have a specific story behind them.

Let me know about a pair of shoes that mean a lot to you, whether you bought them yourself or were given them as a gift. I love hearing about people’s favourite pair, because more often than not there’s a lovely story to go with them. I’ll kick this off with mine…

These are my first pair of Irregular Choice heels. My ugly duckling shoes. Before these, I wore plain and boring heels all the time. Then they came along and my shoe collection blossomed into crazy colours and several sizes of glitter. I think I owe all my shoe fanaticism (in a good way) to Irregular Choice because it’s where it all started.

They’re also the shoe I picked to wear for my very first date with Simon. He walked to my house to pick me up and we went to the best Chinese restaurant in town (he paid!). I chose them because I was so nervous and needed something to give me some confidence. Shoes always seem to do that, and these didn’t let me down. Almost 5 years later we’re still together and he’s still the first person I show new pairs to. Not that he can avoid it…sorry Simon!

Tell me your stories in the comments or your own blog and post the links 🙂


One comment on “Over to you – Every Shoe Has A Story

  1. Alan Shaw says:

    6 and a half years ago, I went off to Australia to some student backpacking and being a backpacker on a limited budget you could only really afford one pair of shoes to take with you. Well, one pair of shoes, and a pair of flip flops (thongs as the Australians would call them).

    I chose my trainers wisely. What would look good at all times whether it be when Im in shorts, jeans, nights out etc. I ended up going with a pair of DC’s (something similar to these – http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B005FC4WB6/ )

    See when you know you are spending six months, travelling 7000 miles within Australia, you need to make sure your feet are comfy, because as a backpacker, you dont have the luxury of jumping in a car, but rather its long walks from hostels to town, and back again. You’re on your feet for those 6 months. In the end, when I reached Alice Springs and been to Ayers Rock (Uluru), the shoes had seen better days and they were discarded there in Alice Springs.

    These were extraordinarily comfy shoes. A really fat sole and allowed your feet to actually breathe in the Summer Queensland heat and humidity. I still swear by these style of shoes and its usually the only ones Ill wear even now wherever I go. Although, make sure you break them in first. After getting a new pair for my trip to London and Paris last year, I was in agony after 2 days. Ouchy.

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