New! Pre-order ‘Forever’ by Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia is on my list of designers to own at least one pair of shoes from in my lifetime. She’s making it hard for me to resist that, and with my usual reasoning of ‘if it has my name I deserve to buy it’ then she’s pretty much on top of the pile. What with my name being Charlotte and all…

She’s also definitely a contender in my bridal shoe dilemma, which I’ll have to figure out when the time comes. Without sounding ungrateful, probably the most important decision I’ll make on my wedding day is what heels to wear. To me, what I choose to walk down the aisle in says the most about me on a day that is all about me and my other half.

So when I saw Charlotte had released some truly gorgeous bridal shoes for pre-order, I couldn’t resist taking a closer look.




They’re called Forever and they remind me of a Disney Princess shoe, but not in a tacky way, oh no- in a grown up, not-a-princess-anymore, queen-to-be way. They’d definitely make you feel like Cinderella, that’s for sure. You’d have to wear them with a mid-length tutu style dress too, and plenty of bright beaming red roses or carnations. Or (and now I’m getting carried away) in an Alice In Wonderland themed wedding with jam tart favours…hmm.

I like that they’re not your usual platform with a heart stuck on the top or cut out. The straps add something different, so you’re looking at them and wondering why you like them so much, and the cream ruffle behind the hearts make them stand out so much more.

I love them, I love them, I love them!


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