The starring shoes: Kurt Geiger’s ‘Dancer’

The shoes that take centre stage in my lovely new header are, of course, Kurt Geiger beauties. They’re also in first position on my shoe rack too, and are often the ones I’ll pick up to cuddle when no-one’s looking…

Did I really just admit that?

They’re called ‘Dancer’ and I was bought them as an early birthday present from my dad. I’d been looking at them for so long online, so when they turned out to be just as beautiful in real life I had to try them on. It was a tough choice between black and white stripes or peach and pink stripes; a choice that took a few votes and plenty of minutes wandering in front of the store mirror. Eventually peach and pink won and I carried them home with a beaming grin.

They were the lucky pair to be picked for a job interview at Ted Baker HQ too (a role I wasn’t to get but felt proud at reaching the second stage interviews at least.)

The thing about Dancer is that they bring anything you want them to to an outfit. You want class? They’ll bring it. You want something quirky? They’ll bring it. You want dated? They’ll bring it! They just suit everything. And that’s why they’re sat up there, as my banner shoes.


What do you think?

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