Vivienne Westwood For Melissa ‘Lady Dragon’ – Sarenza Competition

I stared, he stared. Our eyes met and I began to sweat a little, my heart thumping two beats a second. I stared some more, a faint smile creeping over my mouth. He started to casually walk over, ignoring all the others in the room. My heart skipped as he asked me…

“Which size would you like?”

I was in a shoe shop, and this was my usual state of mind. I like to try in-store before I buy online to avoid return postage costs (if possible) and every now and then because of discounts and voucher codes, shoes seem to be cheaper online. This time I had my eye on a lovely pair of Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon heels.

I’d tried them on and I loved them, so they were definitely on my Want List, but I couldn’t quite reach the full price. I spent months watching them appear in newsletter after newsletter, each time cursing myself for having a ‘they will be mine’ attitude but not enough grit to take the plunge and order them.

Then they disappeared. And I added them to the Ones That Got Away vault.

As well as being a believer in trying on, chocolate for breakfast and being polite, I started to live by “If the shoe fits, buy it”.

So when I had to pick my favourite pair of shoes on Sarenza, the Lady Dragon appeared in my size and with a great discount. It was a sign! I stared at them. And stared at them a bit more. And then…oops, suddenly they’d made their way through the checkout.

I think Sarenza and I are going to be really good friends (but don’t tell my bank manager, he doesn’t need to know).


3 comments on “Vivienne Westwood For Melissa ‘Lady Dragon’ – Sarenza Competition

  1. I love your little motto to live by – I always think it’s best because you can always return things rather than be devastated if they sell out!

    [ life/style/flash. blog ]

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