Beautiful Spring Florals

Spring isn’t Spring without an abundance of florals – and I don’t mean the neighbour’s garden. The only kind of flowers that I can look after are those that appear on a shoe, so it’s a good job they’re my favourite isn’t it?

Patty Floral Cortesan, Irregular Choice at Schuh – £65

I’m starting with my favourite this time – a gorgeous pair of Irregular Choice courts. They’re in the popular Patty print, except this time with pastel colours and chequered/floral patterns. I love the turquoise and pink rose prints together – so kitsch! The usual Union Jack Patty isn’t my favourite, but I can definitely get on board with this version.

Floral Stilettos at Forever21 – £18.75

I know, I had to do a double-take at the price too. Even though they look a bit ’80s bridesmaid dress’, I still like them! The pattern isn’t too gaudy and they don’t look cheap – even though they’re an absolute bargain…

Victorian Flowers Boots, Dr Marten at – £85

Just look at that pink ribbon. They’ll probably be the most comfortable of all my picks, and they’ll still go with summer dresses and shorts. I think every girl has to have at least one pair of Doc Martens – so they might as well be girlie ones.

Hawaiian Floral Peep Toes at New Look – £24.99

Hawaiian prints should never appear on shirts – I’m not even sorry. They’re great on shoes though! I love these in blue, the perfect addition to a rockabilly outfit. They look quite slim so I’d expect some pinching at the back, but that’s nothing a little vaseline rubbed on the sides can’t sort out.

Floral Print Sandal at Karen Millen – Was £125, Now £35

These are seriously gorgeous, and at the time of posting they still have size 4 and 5 in stock at the £35 price. The black trim really makes them stand out and means you can wear them as a daytime shoe with a similar dress, and also as an evening shoe with black cropped trousers.

Have you seen any Spring florals sprung into the limelight recently?


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