Treat Tuesday: Kurt Geiger’s Joan

A couple of weeks ago I left my job to work elsewhere, so on my last day they bought me the most amazing present. It was so amazing, I cried. I cried like a baby after opening them and then cried again when I got home and…put them on…

Yup, they bought me shoes! I was stunned. I’d had these on my wish list for months and had most likely bored everyone to death talking about them, but I never thought I’d be given them. Ever.

They’re called Joan, have a 13cm heel and are really difficult to walk in – but I LOVE THEM. I found them first in the Covent Garden store, during a shopping trip with my mum. I tried them on for fun and ended up lusting after them for weeks and weeks, bookmarking the page on the Kurt Geiger website and checking almost every day to see if they’d gone on sale.

I was so shocked that they’d remembered I’d been looking at this particular pair for ages, but was also aware they knew me like the back of their hands! I don’t think I’ve put a pair of shoes on quicker than I did these ones.

Thank you again, lovely Wahandarers xx

Joan Kurt Geiger

Joan by Kurt Geiger

On my feet...


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