Penny Pinch, Pay Day or Pricey: Ruby Slippers

Every girl has to own a pair of ruby slippers – it just has to happen. I’m not talking about fancy dress either. If I ruled the world, I’d make ruby slippers the sort of thing you have to experience – like training bras. Getting the first pair is feeling like you’re growing up, and your mum is so proud of you etc etc. Just me? Ok, well have a look at them anyway…

Penny Pinch: Red or Dead Shirley Glitter Heels at Schuh – £65

The most classic looking ruby slippers I can find at the right price. You could even find yourself a glittery bow to match if you’re really into the whole Dorothy thing. Oh alright, they wouldn’t look too bad with a pair of bright white ankle socks either. But seriously, they’re so glittery and lovely and would look amazing with jeans on a dress-down day.

Pay Day: Xio Glitter Pumps by Pedro Garcia at Net-a-porter – £260

Granted it would have to be a pay day in CEO land at Major Company, but still, what have we got if we can’t enjoy a little ruby slipper once in a while? These are a little darker than usual, but that makes them a more grown-up version of what I’m trying to tell you is a reasonable obsession to have. Stay with me…

Pricey: Bianca by Christian Louboutin – $1,695

I didn’t lie when I said pricey. The classiest rube slippers I’ve seen yet and they still look great with that bright red sole. Perfect with your LBD for Christmas parties, from one angle they look black and the other a brilliant shimmery red. Maybe one for the lotto win…


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