Christian Louboutin’s ‘Lion Paw’ Pumps

louboutin alex

If you know me, you’ll know I’m a pretty huge fan of a) Louboutin and b) out-there footwear. So when I heard about the ‘Alex’ pump that SJP wore at the Moscow premiere of her latest movie, I Don’t Know How She Does It, I had to have a closer look.

Yep, it’s a lion paw. I can hear all the cries of ‘outrageous!’ ‘why would you want to have your feet look like a paw?”. Well I tell you, shush. I’ve seen plenty of hideous shoes, whether in the bargain bin at Urban Outfitters or in the middle of Harrods, and these paw heels aren’t one of them. Hell, why can’t someone be a little adventurous and wear something other than black satin once in a while?

I can imagine they look ferocious on (just as long as you’re not teaming with other animal prints) and they certainly suited SJP. I’ve got stilettos with swans on the heel, flats with bears embellishments on the front, and I’d definitely love to wear these paws to work. Cue growls…


3 comments on “Christian Louboutin’s ‘Lion Paw’ Pumps

  1. iluxestyle says:

    i agree!! I LOVE Louboutin and these pumps are everything!!!

  2. Love, LOVE, love them!

    You would have loved the Shoes for Show exhibition in Brick Lane

    They had everything!! Shoes heaven! Thank you for sharing!!!

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