Dramatic Heels: United Nude Collection

I don’t like my shoes plain and boring. If they don’t make people go “wow!”, I’m not usually interested. There’s always got to be something interesting and different about the shoe to make me want to even look at it twice. So when I noticed the heels on United Nude shoes on a recent shopping trip with my mum, I knew they’d be added to my must-haves.

They look like the sort you’d be seeing Lady GaGa stumble her way around the stage on, which usually means they’re pretty special. I can spot 4 different types of unusual heel in their past collection on shoes.co.uk

Abstract Platform

I’d imagine you’d need great balance to get away with wearing these, as they look pretty sheer on the sides! I like how they’re slightly confusing, so you have to look at the 360 degree pics to see exactly how they work.

Mobius Step

This is the most iconic of the collection, used on lots of different styles. The shape is made of from a single strip, forming the sole, heel, foot-bed and upper. That makes it stronger, so you’re not likely to feel it snap beneath you. It’s not the most interesting heel, but it’s still wacky enough to make people do a double take.


I’d recently fallen in love with the pin heel on this gorgeous pair of Kurt Geiger stilettos, so was pleased to see the pin featured on what look to be some quite sensible winter boots. The pin heel is engineered to be supportive as well as sexy, and I think it does just that!


Inspired by the eames chair design, this heel is the most interesting and my favourite. I tried a pair on once and loved how sturdy they were. It looks as if you could fall backwards in them, but it’s virtually impossible. They also look like those springy stilts, but you won’t be bouncing around the place like Tigger unfortunately.


What do you think?

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