New Look’s Scalloped Suede T-Bar Court

I’m a huge fan of t-bars, particularly when it’s the sort of day you need a bit of extra support. All shoe-lovers have those days when platforms feel like a huge effort – and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. This is when I’ll look to t-bars as a welcome prop to keep my feet (and patience) in shape whilst still managing to feel good in what I’m wearing.

A quick stop into New Look this weekend caused me to stumble upon these browny-red t-bar courts (£29.99). That shop has their shoe section laid out in such a way that you can’t help but be overwhelmed with the sheer size of their collections. It’s usually pretty organised too, with flats and boots on one side and huge heels and platforms on the other. I was drawn to these red courts straight away, more so than their black version, and fell in love with the scallop trim. The picture here doesn’t really do the colour justice. It’s such a gorgeous maroon-red and with a buckle so delicate and discreet.

I’ve started giving myself a 24 hour ‘cooling period’ before buying any shoes to allow for a bit of saving, but I still love these to bits. Think I’ll be making a little stop into New Look this week…


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