New Arrivals from Melissa at

I’m a huge fan of Melissa and their collaboration with Vivienne Westwood, so of course I had a good look at the solo collections when they started selling in the UK. Each season they keep bringing the cute and is the perfect place to buy them from.

Disco Blue – £95

Usually Melissa never has anything extra, just plain and simple designs with embellishments made from the shoe itself. This time there are bows and ribbons, and I love it! These are so cute and come in ‘blue’ or ‘putty’.

Amazonas II – £85

I love how futuristic these look, yet you could pair them with some really classic clothes. They’re a slingback but look like they’d give a lot more support than the average.

Enjoying – £55

I’m not really a fan of brogues, like harem pants and people who put cheese before beans on a jacket potato. However, these have a weird appeal. Also, who doesn’t want brogues that smell like bubblegum?!

Believing – £75

Remember sitting in school assembly scraping the velcro on your shoes? Now you can do that in work meetings too! (If you hadn’t guessed, these straps involve velcro…)

Feeling Black – £90

These are bringing back the goth in me – The laces! The black flock! The wedge! I’m thinking bright tights and black mini-dress…are chokers still ‘in’? (were they ever?)


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