4th July Americana

What better way to celebrate the 4th July than with stars and stripes shoes? Searching the web for Americana, you can get dresses, bikinis, shorts, tees, bras and knickers – but there’s a surprising lack of shoes. I spent ages looking and only found a select few. Some were crazy, some were cute and some were plain weird!

Frilly Flip Flops – $15.99 – rashallandco on Etsy

These are kind-of-cute. I just love ribbon bows, I don’t know why! If you wanted to hand-make your own pair, they’d be really easy too.

American Chica – £115 – Irregular Choice

Tall, loud and unique – America and Irregular Choice in 3 words. These are FIERCE (but an investment).

Lita Platform Boot – $160 – Jeffrey Campbell at Nasty Gal

A little bit Bay City Rollers but so in style right now. Is what the description says – badass.

Converse All Star Premium Flag – $80

Classic and cute. What can you not love about Converse? They don’t seem to be available at the moment, but I’m keeping a lookout.


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