Mint Velvet Obsession

I’ve been coveting a particularly gorgeous pair of Mint Velvet wedges for a while now, so it didn’t take me long to get an obsession with the entire collection.

Everything is pretty understated – neutral colours and soft fabrics, very little embellishment – but sometimes that’s all it takes for a pair of shoes to really stand out. Each pair works with casual or dressy outfits too, meaning they’re most likely going to be the pairs you wear to death (and therefore worth the money). They’ve covered all styles as well, from flats and sandals to wedges and knee-length boots. It’s all there, it’s all looking gorgeous and it’s all just begging to be in my wardrobe.

Top picks:

Neutral Multi Strap Wedges – £99

Wedges are my ultimate obsession and these are so gorgeous I may just go without food for the month. With a 13cm heel, these cuties will look best with a floaty summer dress or denim short shorts and loose-fitting shirt.

Charcoal Ballet Pumps – £89

I go through ballet pumps like there’s no tomorrow (should really look into buying some shares). These have such an intriguing colour you’d have to pair them with light/white trousers, best with roll-ups. The tiny 1cm heel makes them really cute too.

Khaki Buckle Sandal – £99

These are about as adventurous as the brand gets but not everyone can be like Irregular Choice. These are perfect – cute buckles, great colours and comfy heel height.

Taupe Stone Flat Sandal – £79

I love the colours of the stones in these. They look so comfy and don’t have the toe-bar that always gives me blisters. It’s often really hard to find a good pair of sandals without the toe-bar, so it’s a treat to find a really gorgeous pair.


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